Frequently Asked Questions

Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions,
please just send it to

Cape Town, South Africa.

We’ve had many inquiries on this both on personal messages on social media and emails so we’ve decided to take the Smell and Taste flavors across the globe! Short answer: Yes Long answer: Different countries, different shipping regulations so when you place your order we will contact you with the quote we have received for shipping costs so that you can approve it.

For South African main centers there is a flat rate of R90. If you are in a remote area the fees will increase. For all orders over R600 delivery is free of charge! If you are ordering from outside of South Africa please note that we will give you a separate cost which you will have to approve first so communication is key. Once we receive your order we will contact you for this.

No. And while we are here we also do not and never will sell your information to anyone ever. Safety and security is vital to us too. All credit card information is processed securely and Smell and Taste does not store and cannot access your credit card information.

This is an estimation of the delivery times: Main Centres: 4 to 5 working days (excluding public holidays and weekends) Outlying Areas: 6 to 7 day working days (as above) Please note that these are only estimates and at most times your parcel will arrive on time and even early at times!

No our spice products do not contain any gluten. We work from an isolated business premises where there are no other food items besides our Smell and Taste brand which are all free of gluten. There is no chance of our products having any gluten in them at all because we work only in small batches and only with our non-irradiated gluten free products.

NO our spices do not contain any anti-caking agent. Since the function of anti-caking agents are to prevent clogging which it does however if it’s not an organic anti-caking agent it’s still a chemical and that does not align with the concept of the Smell and Taste brand.

We’ve had reports of no clogging from our customers but that might be because they already buying repeats so are using the spices up quickly! Yes and thank you to that! There are a few things you can do to help the spice not clog like not using it over direct steam because it will create dampness and do keep your spices in a cool place like on the kitchen shelve, counter tops, table etc. If your spice does clog simply use a teaspoon to mix it up again and then keep the lid on properly closed. It will hold its flavor longer. In the principle of truth, we have personally tried anti caking agents during our testing phase and the result was a definite and resounding NO. Yes your spice might clog, but yes the ingredients are 100% free of any processing, gluten, fillers and anti-caking agents. Smell and Taste, putting ours and your health first❤

Store them in an airtight container like our environment friendly glass jars that they come in. Our glass jars are good if they are properly closed and stored. Heat (including steam), air and light are fresh spices ‘bad vibe’ friends. So keep them off the stove or those shelves above the stove? Not there because the heat from the stove will say goodbye to the good vibes fresh spices.

Yes spices will lose flavour and colour but this happens over time because their oils evaporate. Spices have oils? Yes that’s where their fragrance and flavours come from. Our recommendation is to use our spices within 6 months and follow the storage conditions shared above for clumping. Also if you use our spice earlier you get the very best product in terms of fragrance and flavour so it’s more like optimizing the advantages. Because our spices are made in small batches and are ground and hand blended you will not find anything that’s been sitting forever on the shelf.

Thank you so much for considering Smell and Taste for your gifts! Please complete the contact form and we will reach out to you to discuss the size requirements and cost.

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